Pet Policy

Brevia Inn only offers a limited number of rooms for pets - it is advised that you call in advance to guarantee room availability.

Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, all pets must be declared during the reservation process. Failure to notify the Hotel of your pet will result in a minimum penalty of $50.00 per day.

A fee of $10 per room per night is required upon check-in (no more than 2 pets allowed in a room at any time).

Extended reservations may be subject to a higher reservation fee to cover additional cleaning costs.

A refundable deposit may be required upon check-in. This pet deposit is in addition to any payment deposits required if you elect to pay for your reservation using debit/checking/prepaid cards or cash.

Pets are required to have all their vaccination shots and must be free of fleas and ticks.

Current up-to-date (within 1 year) vet documentation must be supplied to the Brevia Inn Front Desk upon check-in. Pit bulls are strictly forbidden on the property, including the parking lot, pool area, restaurant, and within the rooms.

Whenever possible, please do not leave your dog unattended within your room. Housekeeping will not enter any rooms with dogs unless the dog is within a secure kennel/cage. Dogs must be on a leash or secure kennel/cage when in common areas of the Hotel and must be properly controlled.

Please pick up after your pets. As the registered guest, you are financially responsible for any possible damages caused by your pet, including lost potential hotel income. You are also responsible for any excessive and/or exceptional cleaning charges at the hotel property. This includes, but is not limited to, pet odors, pet stains, and excessive hair. If your pet is known to shed, please do not allow your pet on hotel bedding to avoid potential cleaning charges. Repeat violations of this policy or any applicable local/state regulations may result in a penalty or eviction from the property.

If your pet is not a dog, please call or email us to ensure that our rooms are able to accommodate your pet.

If you have any specific questions, please call us at (209) 938-0999. Please remember: Up-to-date (within 1 year) veterinarian paperwork is required upon check-in for all pets staying at Brevia Inn.